Hi girls!!!!
I have a big news today!!!
I´m so happy for be  part of the Colorê Scrap  Design Team!!
It´s a wonderful place with so many wonderful and talented ladies!!!
I feel so honored to work with them.
Thanks for invited me  Flávia!
Big huges to all my sweet and dear friend!!!

Olá meninas hoje estou aqui para contar uma super novidade para todas vocês!!
Fui convidada para fazer parte do time de design do COLORÊ!!!
Pois é ....estou muito feliz mesmo!!!!
Quero agradecer a todas pelo convite!!!


FEATURED in YUMMY´S galerie !!! I´m a TOP DESIGNER!!!

Hi everyone !!!
I miss you all, but I have been work so much, so many wonderful parties to I have to cook!!!
This is my life ....a happy chef !!!!
I´m so exaust, and for sure I need same time to do more pages!!!!
But today I feel so happy I´m featured in a Yummy´s Glarie in Brazil.
Yummys is are best scrapbooking galeire!!!!
My work was choose for a special and dear friend Janete, and I feel so honored!!
And I love to share with you all my good things in my life!!!
Big huges and kisses to all!!!
I wish a wonderful week to all my sweet and dear friends!!! 
Jante write that about my page .....

This page is just marvelous, each details, colors, embelishement, picture , evrything in this page is just in a perfect harmony!!! It´s MARVELOUS!!!!!!

Escolha de: Janete Stella
Designer: Cynthia Llorens
Título: Home is...
Comentário: Este LO está maravilhoso em cada detalhe, cores, embelish, foto, tudo na mais perfeita harmonia...MARAVILHOSO...
Em português!!!
Olá meninas 
Hoje estou muito feliz....mas feliz demais!!!
Fui surpreendida com uma de minhas páginas destaque na galeria do forum da  YUMMY´S isso realmente me deixou muito feliz!!!
E eu adoro compartilhar minhas conquistas com todas vocês!!!!
Tenham uma maravilhosa semana!!!!!
Beijos com muito carinho!!!

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Heartfelt Creations projects for the semifinal!!!!!

Hi everyone !!!
I miss you all!!But I have been so bussy work a lot, cooking a lot!!!I had a bigparty yesterday so...I cook until all night long...but was so great to see evryone like my menu!!!
So today I whant to show my pages I did for the Hearfelt Creations.
Iam one of same extraordinary andtalented ladies in a semifinal!!!
So if you like my work....vote in my project...just click in here!!!! 

A perfect flower.....


Paper . BOBUNNY 
 HEART CRAFT CREATIONS- Perfect Petals - HCD 704
Chipboard from Momento Divertido
Best Glue Ever . Scraperfect
Embelie Gellie - Scrapperfect 
True Colors- 

Just a SWEET  GIRL......

Paper . BOBUNNY 
HEART CRAFT CREATIONS- Vintage Word Background Pre CutSet and Open Petals PreCut Set
Chipboard from Momento Divertido
Best Glue Ever . Scraperfect
Embelie Gellie - Scrapperfect 
True Colors- 


SCRAPFORHELP and Once Upon a Sketch Challenge Blog Hope!!!!!

 April Challenge in scrapforhelp!!!!!!!!!!!
In this  month we decide  to do  a free layout , card or alterd project no theme at all!!!!

We have a very special guest, so talented and sweet friend  TOMOKO TAKASHI  so you know the work of her just clicK in here !!!!
You go see wonderful and stunning creations!!!!! 

The simple rules for this challenge are:
**This is an international blog, so anyone can enter

- If you want to partcipate the following Challenge with a layout or card, it shouldfollow the project made by Belinda Spencer  
- * You need to use  a  BOTTON in your recycled material item
* You will always find our challenges in a rule to use recycled material, this rule is fixed,is required to contain this item in your project,to be eligible for her draw.

I decide to combinet the scrapforhelp with Once Upon a Sketch Challenge !!!

The theme of this challenge is HOME. 
We would like you to create a layout and interpret the theme "HOME" however you like based on the following sketch. You can journal as little or as much as you like, but your layout must incorporate this theme  and this sketch
In this month they have a wonderful blog hope, go see there and have fun with that !!!Click here 


Paper- Prima Marketing Collection
Arte Fácil - Collection
Chip board - Momento Divertido
BestGlue Ever - Products Scraperfect
Embelliegellie -Products Scraperfect
Acrilic Texture - TRUE COLORS
Flowers - Hand made

In portuguese

 Desafio de Abril no scrapforhelp!!!!
As regrinhas para este desafio são as seguintes :

- fazer um projeto usando BOTÕES !!!!!
Isso mesmo botões!!!!
- você poderá partcipar do Desafio deste mês com um layout , cartão, mini album ou altered ele deve apenas seguir as nossas regrinhas  
- usar BOTÕES no mês de ABRIL.
- Entegar o projeto até a data de 30 de ABRIL até a meia noite
- Fazer mais do que um projeto se quiser
- Iremos escolher os 5 melhores projetos

Nossa Guest é Tomoko Takahashi from Japan