Aabout myself.
My name is Cynthia, I am married and have three children, aged 24 Sergio is currently in India, Isabella aged 16 years and 4 years with Marcella. But I’m a lawyer with a passion for cooking. I graduated as a chef and have a buffet house.
I am madly in love with scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is an escape for me – my down time. It allows me to combine my love of crafting and with my artistic nature I always love to do sameting with hand made, all my emblishemente I made my self. I enjoy each momente and each second of the creative process involved in taking a layout or project from start to finish…I just love at all !!!

 I love  papers.I love to work in a team and I enjoy to find a friend all over the world.
I’m  a scrapbooking addicted artist. I have been scrapbooking for six years.  In fact, I love this Art because I can stiil learn some new mixed media techniques everyday and it provides me to  express myself in style, mixing paper, embellishments, colors, memories and a message.
So, scrapbooking to me is not only a way to preserve my memories but, it's the way I do Art.
I love  papers. One of my life’s little pleasures is to cut, tear and distress them, creating anything that translates the story
I don´t have a style , my style is eclectic, crafty  and  I also love shabby and vintage styles.
I love to create my own embellishments  and I love all the  themes in my pages.I love texture, sewing, painting and love to distressing my works.I love to make my onw wmbellisments.
The most I love is layers....I really enjoy that.
I started blogging in 2009.
My style . What do I like to create and what’smy favorite item to use?
My design style is constantly changing and I am always looking for new techniques to try. I love distressing! am inspired by wonderful photos of my little kid Marcella mostly of the time .
I love to create different things, even if only for me ….. I really am a happy person, but what I love most is making friends with people around the world.
If I culd visit one place, where would I go
I’d love to know India, because my son is currently studying and working in that country. The he says wonderful things about the INDIA.
Favorite guilty pasttime
After the scrapbook my biggest passion is ZUMBA. I met that ZUMBA is a form of fitness and dancing to Latin rhythms, I fell so much that I became an instructor of Zumba. Today is one of my greatest pleasures.