Prima Marketing - Scraplift Felicity Wilson

Hi all my friends!!!!
Today I whant to show my pahe that I made for Pima ....Now  IT'S TIME TO SCRAPLIFt! 
So I love Felicity Wilson , I love so much her work  she always doing gorgeus page !!!!
I had a pleasuere to work with her in scrapforhelp  and I love her work a lot.
For me it was a great pleasure to lift her!!!!
I hope you like my page .....and I do all the flowers !!!!!!

Sept scraplift felicity

This is my page ....LOVE 

All those flowers I made with Prima papers........................ they look so pretty for me !!!! 


Once Upon A Sketch - October Challenge!!!!!

Hi all my sweet and dear friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That´s me again with another page.
Wow!!!!I feel a live working and created.....
My soul is exceedingly happy!!
I love to scrap and make ~ Love it for personal reasons I had to get away a little vártias activities.
I started cooking in order to help my husband who was starting a new company ...... and so I had to make some choices.
I had to choose my family and help them, but now all is well and noca company my husband is a success.
Now I can devote more time to the things I love.
Thanks to all for the great care!!
I made this page for the October challenge on  OUAS...!!!!I loved to participate and I always remember the extraordinary talent of Nadia Cannizzo ..she always doing a amazing job with sketchs!!!!!
So I defineely I am back now everything doing great and I have so many time to do scrap and Zumba!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still love to dance a lot!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!!!

I made all those flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes and I love that1!!!

 ....... more flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New page !!!!!!!!!!

Hi all my dear and sweet friends!!!!
For a few months I've been away from my blog, on account of various rasões!!
I was finishing my master's degree with the University and there were many tests in different subjects and I had to do some translations of books in Spanish, English and Italian.
Now that tests this semester ended and I'm more quiet so I went back to do my pages that I love.
And also started a diet because I'm above my weight, I'm doing the Dukan Diet and I'm loving it.
I've lost a few pounds and I'm feeling fine.
Today I want to show the page I made for my students in a wonderful store called Scrap of Filo here in Brazil.
I used stuff totally Brazilian.
The papers and chipboard are manufactured here in my country.
I did all the gifts for the students, housing material, felt cupcake and also did some candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you enjoy and thanks for coming to visit me!!

Special ......she really is !!!!

I made all those flowers ...they look so beautiful!!!!

Same details fro my page !!!!

I love those birds!!!!

 I prepar the table to all my students...we have so much fun  doing this page!!!!!

I made all those  organza flowers!!!!!!!! 

This is us.....we are doing scrap for sure!!!!

Time for are linch!!!!!so many yummy´s !!! 

Thanks to all my friend that came to see my blog amd leave a comments!!!!!
Big hugs to all...Have a great week!!