Scra p 4 Help - November Challenge

Hi all my dear friends!!!
Today I will like to show the page I made  for Scrap 4 Help - November Challenge!!!!
First I am so pround about my flowers...yes I am in love with those...so happy to  do  this!!!!!

I love this Prima papers...this collections is so beautiful at all!!!!
I wish a great weekend to all my dear friends!!!!! 


Prima Marketing - Scraplift Felicity Wilson

Hi all my friends!!!!
Today I whant to show my pahe that I made for Pima ....Now  IT'S TIME TO SCRAPLIFt! 
So I love Felicity Wilson , I love so much her work  she always doing gorgeus page !!!!
I had a pleasuere to work with her in scrapforhelp  and I love her work a lot.
For me it was a great pleasure to lift her!!!!
I hope you like my page .....and I do all the flowers !!!!!!

Sept scraplift felicity

This is my page ....LOVE 

All those flowers I made with Prima papers........................ they look so pretty for me !!!! 


Once Upon A Sketch - October Challenge!!!!!

Hi all my sweet and dear friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That´s me again with another page.
Wow!!!!I feel a live working and created.....
My soul is exceedingly happy!!
I love to scrap and make ~ Love it for personal reasons I had to get away a little vártias activities.
I started cooking in order to help my husband who was starting a new company ...... and so I had to make some choices.
I had to choose my family and help them, but now all is well and noca company my husband is a success.
Now I can devote more time to the things I love.
Thanks to all for the great care!!
I made this page for the October challenge on  OUAS...!!!!I loved to participate and I always remember the extraordinary talent of Nadia Cannizzo ..she always doing a amazing job with sketchs!!!!!
So I defineely I am back now everything doing great and I have so many time to do scrap and Zumba!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still love to dance a lot!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!!!

I made all those flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes and I love that1!!!

 ....... more flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New page !!!!!!!!!!

Hi all my dear and sweet friends!!!!
For a few months I've been away from my blog, on account of various rasões!!
I was finishing my master's degree with the University and there were many tests in different subjects and I had to do some translations of books in Spanish, English and Italian.
Now that tests this semester ended and I'm more quiet so I went back to do my pages that I love.
And also started a diet because I'm above my weight, I'm doing the Dukan Diet and I'm loving it.
I've lost a few pounds and I'm feeling fine.
Today I want to show the page I made for my students in a wonderful store called Scrap of Filo here in Brazil.
I used stuff totally Brazilian.
The papers and chipboard are manufactured here in my country.
I did all the gifts for the students, housing material, felt cupcake and also did some candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you enjoy and thanks for coming to visit me!!

Special ......she really is !!!!

I made all those flowers ...they look so beautiful!!!!

Same details fro my page !!!!

I love those birds!!!!

 I prepar the table to all my students...we have so much fun  doing this page!!!!!

I made all those  organza flowers!!!!!!!! 

This is us.....we are doing scrap for sure!!!!

Time for are linch!!!!!so many yummy´s !!! 

Thanks to all my friend that came to see my blog amd leave a comments!!!!!
Big hugs to all...Have a great week!!


Scrap4help!!!!!July Challenge !!

Hi all my sweet and dear friends!!!!!!!
Today I came to show my page that I made  for scrap4help!!!
Yes today start are July Challenge !!!

It´s so easy to participate , you just need to use   a bubble wrap in your project !!!!
See how easy it´s  that!!!


 I use the bubble wrap inside my paper flowers ....I stamp with water color...I loved !!!

Papers from Arte Fácil
Prima flowers
Chipboard - Frame Momento Divertido
Best Glue Ever
Acrilic Paint


New Challenge at Bird is the Word !!!!!!!!

New Challenge Word **COURAGE**

Wowee!  The 15th came and went without me even noticing! Not sure what happened....but I really do think it was worth the wait.  Our design team layouts are extra special and fabulous this month!  Take a moment and study them up.  You will be inspired.  I cannot wait to see what you come up with for the new word release, COURAGE.

This is my page for this challenge !!!!
Courage !!!!!



Hi all my friend!!
I try for this two month change for a typed ...but does not work ...so I am back to my blog!!!!!
I have so many news.
So many work published at magazine  
Two page mine in this magazine ..I am so happy!!!!!

I have been work so hard in this last tree month!!!!!
New home, new job....so now everything is  great!!!!!!

I have so many new pages to show to all of you my friends!!!!!

I love this page...they published this page ......

and another one using BoBunny papaers!!!!!

Another work published ata Albuns Decorados  

Two more pages !!!!!!I am really happy

Thanks  to all my sweet and dear friend!!!!!!!
Have a nice week!!!!!


Scrapforhelp - April Challenge


Hi all my sweet and dear friends!!!!

I have been work so many in this last few month....New job , new boss.
But I think everything is gonna be normal again.
So scrapforhelp start our APRIL Challenge and its so easy in this month , you just need to use book papers in your page!!!
See how easy its !!!
This is my page for thi amazing challenge!!!!
I wish a wonderful week to all of you!!!!
Love ya !!!





Sweet days of memories
Nothing touches their glowing

Their softness forever one sees

Without actually knowing

For a dream is always to be

Something lovely and so free
- Peter Quinn

The magic of Spring and new beginnings is upon us and we embrace the warmer weather, the trees and flowers budding and we remember sweet days that have passed and the excitement of the days ahead. Flying Unicorn is proud to present to you March 2013 Kit of the Month filled with hints of Marigold and memories of a Park Drive with add on to help spark the creativeness inside !
Included in our monthly Kit of the Month is our Off the Page - and Kaisercraft is helping us to look forward and looking back to remember our Sweet Days.



My pages 

My clock 

Join Jax this month as you learn the the techniques to create the Off the Page Project

Join Adrienne on March 8th, for Step by Step Instructions to create this incredible Layout