Play in the SCRAPPLAYGROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my LO for the scrapplayground!!!!

Trick in the SCRAPPLAYGROUND! The rulls are here under better passes back in blog of them… that for signal he is excellent and it confers, http://scrapplayground.blogspot.com The Lo must at least have 03 papers with one same padronagem, that is, 03 papers at least only of small balls, or listradinho, or xadrezinho… and only 01 (ONE) smooth paper, that will be used as vocês to want, however only 01, the color of this smooth paper, will have to be respected, not being able to have another smooth color in the LO. The ornaments and all the remaining portion are set free, however they could not be of paper already ready: former. die-cuts, adhesives of paper and/or clippings of other papers…. Chip can? Simmmmm, however respecting the padronagem and the chosen smooth color! Thickers can? Yes liberadásso, rs! Now: It can papers of different flowers? Not, because flowers have innumerable: roses, daisies, begonias, we crisântemos, milk orquídeas, cup, lady of the night, Maria-without-shame, anthurium, cravo and infinite more… ALL FLOWERS, however do not possess format the same (standard)… BUT if vc will have three or more papers alone with daisies, for example, there can, gave to understand? I already made mine .......! We go girls there .....

Meninas tem brincadeira no SCRAPPLAYGROUND!!!!

Dá uma passadinha lá...e participem http://scrapplayground.blogspot.com/

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