Tribut for Rosangela Philinpsen!!!

Hell !!I have a page to share of you!!!!!!!!!!
Today we celebrate the International Woman Days and we decide to made a tribute do a very good friend who died last month!!!
She was a extraordinary scrapper and also a great human being your smile is such a great gift for all her friends!!! and we miss her a lot.
So this is my honor to her !!!
God is happy to have ber with him!!!
Happy day to all my friend!!!

Chipboard - Momento Divertido
Flowers - Prima Marketin
Flowers- Hand Made by Cynthia Lloréns
Pan Pastel
Acrilic gesso 

4 comentários:

ALINE disse...

Muito linda sua página!
Adorei sua homenagem!

Monique Liedtke disse...

What a wonderful gesture!! LOVE your page! It's a real tribute to Ro!! <3

Cindy Gay disse...

A lovely tribute!

Keren Tamir disse...

what a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman!! so sorry for her leaving our world so soon!!