CANVAS CORP BRAND!!!!Valentines Challenge

My first card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My first card as Designs Team member for Challenge taking place on the blog Canvas Corp Brand for Valentine's Day.
I had never made a card before and loved it as it was.
Tattered Angels used spray 7 Gypsies Paper,
I did all the paper flowers and could not stop using chipboard from Moment amused Brazil
Come join us.
1. Create a Valentine board on Pinterest (if you don’t already have one)
2. Find 3-5 of your favorite Valentine cards below and pin them to your Valentine board using the hashtag #myfavoritevalentine
3. Place a link to your pinboard in the comments!

" LOVE "


Paper - 7 GYPSIES
SPRAYS - Tattered Angels
Chipboard from Momento Divertido - Brazil
Acrilic Gesso

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Chana Malkah disse...

This is just so beautiful! I thought so the first time I saw it and find it ever more so on second glance. Wonderful composition, great attention to detail and a nicely cohesive creation! Love it!
Chana Malkah

Unknown disse...

Ficou lindo!! Adorei as flores!! Quero ver as próximas criações :D beijao

Unknown disse...
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